I highly recommend Annie Brown as an instructor.  I have had the pleasure of working with Annie for the past four years at FKaT Cooperative, where my children have been students.  Annie is a passionate, highly creative, and innovative teacher who has a clearly developed system for project-based learning that allows the students to blend art, invention, and creativity.

Annie guided our students in a well-developed process that allowed them to identify the realistic and crazy ideas generated during brainstorming, to confidently begin exploring those ideas, and then determine the next steps needed to build successful projects.  Our students have been involved in several projects that have benefited from her teaching.  These include a winning bridge design with Design Lab, an animated movie project with P38 of the Shakespeare Company, and a Morris Dance Troupe that debuted in the Blink 2017 parade.

Annie values the process of tinkering and is constantly developing her own skills as a maker.  I’ve seen Annie create origami art on park trees, build cardboard boats, teach students how to sew lights onto clothing with electrical thread, design tatter coats for Morris dancing and blacksmith. Annie teaches adult creativity classes as part of her business, UpSpiral, is a National Trials Champion in mountain biking, an xTED Speaker and has a talk show, LIVE!

― Mary Schilling PhD