#spikow2 Series Episode Lindsey

Linsdey Whittle is a fashion/performance artist that makes colorful, transformable objects as a starting point to collaborate with others. She likes her work to be in motion and to take her ideas out of the confines of the gallery and into everyday life experience, mostly through what she wears.

On 12/13/14 Lindsey Whittle and Clint Basinger held their wedding reception, #spikow, at Cincinnati’s Contemporary Art Center as a way to curate a museum experience. They asked their friends to give them performances as a wedding gift. On 6/13/19 they revisited those performances as part of Whittle’s show, Archives As Action, at CAC. This event was called #spikow2. This interview was part of my performance that night. Follow Lindsey and Clint on Instagram @sparklezilla and @cosmicmoustachecomics.