Lots Going On…Free Goetta Tomorrow!

Lots of new things happening this week. I’m a day late with this blog post, in part because…

Yesterday I started a new job as bagel maker/line cook! Lil’s Bagels is a popular establishment in Covington, KY. I’ve been fretting about my new schedule (I start at 6:30am!) But it’s a great work environment with fantastic people so I’m looking forward to it in spite of the early start time. On the upside, I’m done at 1! And an added bonus: it’s an easy bike commute.

Today is FKaT Co-op‘s animation debut at Cincinnati Shakespeare Company’s Project 38 Festival for local schools. Each school is assigned a Shakespeare play and given free rein to make it their own. Our group decided to learn animation in addition to writing an original story based loosely on the characters from Shakespeare’s Henry VI. They’ve even included original music: each character has a theme song.

My talk show returns tomorrow, April 11. I’ve been invited to interview Drew Klein at Cincinnati’s Contemporary Arts Center for their Goetta Institut event titled What Are We Doing? It’s a nonsensical fluxus inspired performance that I hope will be as entertaining for the audience as it will be for me. Plus FREE GLIER’S GOETTA SANDWICHES!

Sunday April 14 brings Perform-A-Thon at Pique. The world’s first 24 hour performance art event, it will be livestreamed across many social media platforms. It is free and open to the public too, so watch on your computer, or even better, stop by Pique in person! It starts at 7:13 on Sunday and runs through 7:03 on Monday.

Guest Artist Spotlight: Sam Herbers

You can still register for Studio Class. Click here for more information and to register.

I’m super excited about this guest artist visiting Studio Class: Sam Herbers.


Sam Herbers creates characters and monsters that reference his favorite elements of retro science fiction or pop-culture.  He considers his installations and sculptures as an uninhibited view of the future offering his own take on inventions and scientific advancements.  The goal of Sam’s artwork is to make stuff that seems familiar but is unrecognizable from any specific media you may have seen before


We are still working out the details, but Sam will visit Studio Class in late April or early May.  Guest Artist Seth Roetenberger joins us on April 19. And Cathy Ross will occassionally pop into class too.

Follow Sam on Instagram: @samherber_props

Sam’s work will appear in Art Academy’s AAC 150 Block Party on May 3.



Studio Classes Start This Week

Studio Class is starting on March 15. This class is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about costume fabrication, e-textiles (lights), cosplay, or a light up festival. I am beyond excited about this, partly because you will get to learn from guest artists, people who excel at their craft. Learn more about our guest artists: Cathy Ross and Seth Roetenberger.

Some of your takeaways from the class include:

  • 9′ strand of EL wire to experiment with. Each strand comes with its own battery pack and has 3 different settings: steady, slow strobe and fast strobe.
    el lit
    EL wire looks great at night.
    EL wire in the daylight.
  • A fabric swatch book
    A swatchbook can help save time and money.
  • A primer on sewing LEDs, microcontrollers and battery packs in clothing. A microcontroller is a mini computer that is preprogrammed to make lights work in a specific pattern.
    We’ll have a simple LED project to introduce sewing with conductive thread.
    And then move on to more complex ways to sew circuits, such as this schematic I used to sew 12 LEDS, 3 microcontrollers and 2 battery packs in a coat.



Guest Artist Spotlight: Seth Roetenberger

Studio Classes start March 14. Click here for more information and to register.

seth 2

Don’t let his age fool you. This young man has been fabricating costumes based on some of today’s most popular movies. He’s worked with a variety of fabrics and materials and will share the knowledge he’s gained through his close to 10 years of practice.


Seth built a custom framework for his Wampa costume.

Here is his bio:

Seth Roetenberger has been creating things for almost 10 years. He started by sewing stuffed animals. This has grown into a love for building that continues to influence him today. He is currently a senior at McNicholas High School. He plans to attend UC to study mechanical engineering.

Seth will visit Studio Class on April 18 and 19.

Guest Artist Spotlight: Cathy Ross

Studio Classes start March 14. Click here for more information and to register.

One of the perks of offering classes is that I get to work with some of my favorite people. Studio Class’s first guest artist is no exception.

Cathy constructed this Halloween costume for her daughter.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Cathy Ross for many years. Our first gig together was in preschool. Cathy taught Pre-K, I was her aide. I learned a lot about teaching and working with children during those preschool years. Cathy thoughtfully prepared lessons that fed our students’ curiosity in a playful way. By doing this, she prepared them for kindergarten in a way that didn’t overwhelm the students.

The next time we worked together I hired Cathy to teach sewing at an after school sewing club in a local middle school. We started sewing lessons from the ground up. The students learned hand sewing stitches before they could move on to the machines. Cathy helped students learn how to use the machine and even design simple patterns to sew. Our program was the most popular after school program at the school, averaging 20 students per class. That was due in large part to Cathy’s work with the students.

So I am really excited to get to work with Cathy again as our first guest artist in the Studio Class. Here is her bio:

Cathy Ross has been making costumes for many years in community theater and professionally. She is an actress and singer who has performed at many venues in the greater Cincinnati area. She has many techniques for helping you make your dream outfit come true for BLINK or cosplay and can assure you that as long as you have a seam ripper, you can always go back and fix it! She’ll help you go from 2D to 3D using basic sewing skills that you will learn as you begin to build your costume. (Costumers “build”. They don’t just sew!) During her three weeks with us, Cathy will introduce various fabrics and a variety of materials useful in costume creation. Cathy has used trial and error time and time again, so she’ll be there to help you figure out how to get your pieces built. Technique is not about secrets and perfection is in the wearing of your creation. No one but you sees the inside construction, so bring your ideas and learn while doing.

A costume for Cincinnati Music Theater’s production of Camelot.

Random Acts of Art

Occassionally I like to commit Random Acts of Art. I used to do this under the psuedonym Golden Fabulous.gfraalogo

I have a manifesto:

Our art is intended to delight and surprise, never upset or offend.

Our installations are temporary. Any damage to the landscape is unintended and temporary. We make sure to remove our installations, and clean up the area if necessary.

We use recycled materials whenever possible.

We believe art should be accessible to all.

We believe that art can be anything you create.

We believe that everyone is creative, and encourage everyone to explore their own creativity.


Some installations were funny. Like the time I built a full size TARDIS out of cardboard & left it on my friend’s front lawn for her birthday.

Dr. Who’s Time and Relative Dimension in Space


Some were collaborative, like the handmade books I left in local parks.

These books were filled with lots of great drawings.


And some were touching. These doves really resonated with the community; I received many messages from friends and strangers, telling me how touched they were by this installation.

We hung about 100 origami doves in a local park.


The latest is a collaboration between my TAM (Tinker Artist Maker) class and the NKY Bureau of Kindness. Called Love Letters to Fort Thomas, I am asking residents to share what they love about our community. Find a display in one of our local businesses (a list of businesses will be available on my Facebook page), fill out a heart and leave it. We will collect and display all the hearts at a future event.

love letters



Interested in cosplay or costume fabrication?


Studio Class is for you!

Register here

In October 2017, Downtown Cincinnati was transformed into an interactive light and art event. The event kicked off with a parade. The festival returns in October 2019.

Learn the basics of creating a costume: costuming, sculptural elements, e-textiles and more. NOTE: It is not required that students participate in the BLINK parade.

Open to all ages. Children 10 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian (free of charge).

Thursday evenings, 6-8
March 14 – May 30, 2019
Friday afternoons, 1:30-3:30
March 15 – May 31, 2019

Classes held at Fellowship Hall of Highland United Methodist Church, across from Highlands High School on Memorial Pkwy in Fort Thomas, KY.

idea festival

Notes from 2016 Idea Festival

Scientists want to name things. Artists want to avoid naming things.

Words can be sudden like a jolt.

Scientists are trained to avoid questions that don’t have right answers. Both the novelist and the scientist are seeking the truth.

The creative moment. Losing touch of ego and time.

Invisible Cities


Uncertainty-is it a good thing? It can be. Whether ambiguity is good or bad, we work to bring order to it. How curious, strict, deferential are we toward ambiguity?

Need for Closure Kruglanski.

“Art is the spillover of uncertain.” -John Gardner, author.

What were the test subjects in the hiring experiment?


Space Tango-Tangolab


Intelligence doesn’t come from good survival skills.

Fermi Paradox

Great filter argument

Nick Bostrom: Superintelligent (about AI on earth)



The artist is a mediator between man and nature.

Amy Cuddy Ted talk

Who sells saliva online?

Sister Corita Kent

God is Red Vine Deloria Jr.

The cup song Anna Kendrick

Nikki Shawana

Augmented reality


Can think about things at a slower pace than most people-being an artist.


Problem finding-not always obvious. But people at the front end (users) are best at finding these problems because they know the needs and have skin in the game.

Accidental invention-the “backwards” method. Start with a solution and find a problem for it-Super Soaker. How to do it? (Find serendipitous discoveries). Build tools to see.

Horace Walpole noticed some people seem to have a better chance of seeing patterns than others.

Serendipity=a way to explore the unknown unknown.

Gathering string=still looking for something you can’t yet name. (Journalist term for first stage of reporting a story without actually knowing what it is yet.)

Moore’s Law

Shawn Crane-inventor. Uses Kickstarter for feedback.


6×9-solitary confinement VR


The ability to direct or influence behavior of others or course of events.

Hawk-dove game. Hawks are willing to fight for a resource. Doves will bluff  aggressiveness but back down.

Where are you more likely to see hawk or dove behavior in a society?

Winning makes you more likely to win in the future just because of your win and the converse is true.

Choose opponents wisely-pay attention to the group before choosing.

Power is also about making sure others are not in a position to challenge you.

It’s a male model of power and aggression.

How to get a group to not fight-introduce an external threat.

Ricardo Rivera-projection mapping

What’s He Doing In There? 2013 Sundance Film Festival


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