Library Series Episode Noel

Noel Maghathe is a queer, mixed Palestinian American artist currently based in Cincinnati. Dedicated to gender, identity and memory, Maghathe uses performance and installation to advance socially conscious dialogues centering queer voices, focusing on their yearning for a free Palestine. Maghathe graduated from the Art Academy of Cincinnati with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture and Photography in 2018 where they were awarded the Stephen H. Wilder Traveling Scholarship. Maghathe has performed and exhibited their work nationally. They currently co-instigate unique art experiences at PIQUE art experience and bed and breakfast. Follow Noel on Instagram @intheshowersorry or their website

Filmed at the Public Library of Cincinnati as part of their November Pop Up Performances. Special thanks to Noel Maghathe for inviting “what are we talking about?” to join the fun.

“what are we talking about?” is an absurdist comedy talk show. The host, Annie Brown, asks normal interview questions, chosen at random.The guests answer with randomly chosen prompts which may or may not have anything to do with their questions. Can you guess their prompts?

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