#spikow2 Series Episode Noel

Noel shares their secrets about hurdles and obstacles. Noel Maghathe is a queer, mixed Palestinian American artist, graduate of the Art Academy of Cincinnati. Maghathe uses performance and installation to advance socially conscious dialogues centering queer voices, focusing on their yearning for a free Palestine. Follow Noel on Instagram @intheshowersorry or their website http://www.noelmaghathe.com.

On 12/13/14 Lindsey Whittle and Clint Basinger held their wedding reception, #spikow, at Cincinnati’s Contemporary Art Center as a way to curate a museum experience. They asked their friends to give them performances as a wedding gift. On 6/13/19 they revisited those performances as part of Whittle’s show, Archives As Action, at CAC. This event was called #spikow2. This interview was part of my performance that night. Follow Lindsey on Instagram @sparklezilla and Clint @cosmicmoustachecomics.

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