Lots Going On…Free Goetta Tomorrow!

Lots of new things happening this week. I’m a day late with this blog post, in part because…

Yesterday I started a new job as bagel maker/line cook! Lil’s Bagels is a popular establishment in Covington, KY. I’ve been fretting about my new schedule (I start at 6:30am!) But it’s a great work environment with fantastic people so I’m looking forward to it in spite of the early start time. On the upside, I’m done at 1! And an added bonus: it’s an easy bike commute.

Today is FKaT Co-op‘s animation debut at Cincinnati Shakespeare Company’s Project 38 Festival for local schools. Each school is assigned a Shakespeare play and given free rein to make it their own. Our group decided to learn animation in addition to writing an original story based loosely on the characters from Shakespeare’s Henry VI. They’ve even included original music: each character has a theme song.

My talk show returns tomorrow, April 11. I’ve been invited to interview Drew Klein at Cincinnati’s Contemporary Arts Center for their Goetta Institut event titled What Are We Doing? It’s a nonsensical fluxus inspired performance that I hope will be as entertaining for the audience as it will be for me. Plus FREE GLIER’S GOETTA SANDWICHES!

Sunday April 14 brings Perform-A-Thon at Pique. The world’s first 24 hour performance art event, it will be livestreamed across many social media platforms. It is free and open to the public too, so watch on your computer, or even better, stop by Pique in person! It starts at 7:13 on Sunday and runs through 7:03 on Monday.

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