Studio Classes Start This Week

Studio Class is starting on March 15. This class is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about costume fabrication, e-textiles (lights), cosplay, or a light up festival. I am beyond excited about this, partly because you will get to learn from guest artists, people who excel at their craft. Learn more about our guest artists: Cathy Ross and Seth Roetenberger.

Some of your takeaways from the class include:

  • 9′ strand of EL wire to experiment with. Each strand comes with its own battery pack and has 3 different settings: steady, slow strobe and fast strobe.
    el lit
    EL wire looks great at night.
    EL wire in the daylight.
  • A fabric swatch book
    A swatchbook can help save time and money.
  • A primer on sewing LEDs, microcontrollers and battery packs in clothing. A microcontroller is a mini computer that is preprogrammed to make lights work in a specific pattern.
    We’ll have a simple LED project to introduce sewing with conductive thread.
    And then move on to more complex ways to sew circuits, such as this schematic I used to sew 12 LEDS, 3 microcontrollers and 2 battery packs in a coat.



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