Random Acts of Art

Occassionally I like to commit Random Acts of Art. I used to do this under the psuedonym Golden Fabulous.gfraalogo

I have a manifesto:

Our art is intended to delight and surprise, never upset or offend.

Our installations are temporary. Any damage to the landscape is unintended and temporary. We make sure to remove our installations, and clean up the area if necessary.

We use recycled materials whenever possible.

We believe art should be accessible to all.

We believe that art can be anything you create.

We believe that everyone is creative, and encourage everyone to explore their own creativity.


Some installations were funny. Like the time I built a full size TARDIS out of cardboard & left it on my friend’s front lawn for her birthday.

Dr. Who’s Time and Relative Dimension in Space


Some were collaborative, like the handmade books I left in local parks.

These books were filled with lots of great drawings.


And some were touching. These doves really resonated with the community; I received many messages from friends and strangers, telling me how touched they were by this installation.

We hung about 100 origami doves in a local park.


The latest is a collaboration between my TAM (Tinker Artist Maker) class and the NKY Bureau of Kindness. Called Love Letters to Fort Thomas, I am asking residents to share what they love about our community. Find a display in one of our local businesses (a list of businesses will be available on my Facebook page), fill out a heart and leave it. We will collect and display all the hearts at a future event.

love letters



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