idea festival

Notes from 2016 Idea Festival

Scientists want to name things. Artists want to avoid naming things.

Words can be sudden like a jolt.

Scientists are trained to avoid questions that don’t have right answers. Both the novelist and the scientist are seeking the truth.

The creative moment. Losing touch of ego and time.

Invisible Cities


Uncertainty-is it a good thing? It can be. Whether ambiguity is good or bad, we work to bring order to it. How curious, strict, deferential are we toward ambiguity?

Need for Closure Kruglanski.

“Art is the spillover of uncertain.” -John Gardner, author.

What were the test subjects in the hiring experiment?


Space Tango-Tangolab


Intelligence doesn’t come from good survival skills.

Fermi Paradox

Great filter argument

Nick Bostrom: Superintelligent (about AI on earth)



The artist is a mediator between man and nature.

Amy Cuddy Ted talk

Who sells saliva online?

Sister Corita Kent

God is Red Vine Deloria Jr.

The cup song Anna Kendrick

Nikki Shawana

Augmented reality


Can think about things at a slower pace than most people-being an artist.


Problem finding-not always obvious. But people at the front end (users) are best at finding these problems because they know the needs and have skin in the game.

Accidental invention-the “backwards” method. Start with a solution and find a problem for it-Super Soaker. How to do it? (Find serendipitous discoveries). Build tools to see.

Horace Walpole noticed some people seem to have a better chance of seeing patterns than others.

Serendipity=a way to explore the unknown unknown.

Gathering string=still looking for something you can’t yet name. (Journalist term for first stage of reporting a story without actually knowing what it is yet.)

Moore’s Law

Shawn Crane-inventor. Uses Kickstarter for feedback.


6×9-solitary confinement VR


The ability to direct or influence behavior of others or course of events.

Hawk-dove game. Hawks are willing to fight for a resource. Doves will bluff  aggressiveness but back down.

Where are you more likely to see hawk or dove behavior in a society?

Winning makes you more likely to win in the future just because of your win and the converse is true.

Choose opponents wisely-pay attention to the group before choosing.

Power is also about making sure others are not in a position to challenge you.

It’s a male model of power and aggression.

How to get a group to not fight-introduce an external threat.

Ricardo Rivera-projection mapping

What’s He Doing In There? 2013 Sundance Film Festival


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